Thursday, June 10, 2010

This time last year...

Well it was about this time last year that one of my greatest friends, Marissa and i were getting ready to visit the 'holy lands'. We were lucky enough to be able to have the 5 week trip payed by HECS so it felt like an opportunity not to be missed. Marissa and i were the only non- Theology students and we really thought that it was going to be harden then it was. We learnt a lot about the people on the trip and i realized how important it is not to judge people before you get to know them. (Ris you know what i'm talking about)

The trip was amazing and we saw so much! i can hardly remember what we did now. But the best part was that i was able to share it with my wonderful friend. Marissa and i have know each other for as long as i can remember and she knows me so well and after that trip we became even closer. Not only did we just see some amazing things but it has really brought the bible to life for me. I was able to walk were jesus walked and experience so many different cultures. It was truly a life changing experience.


  1. get. an. iPhone.

    you will not regret it. thanks for the comment!

  2. Oh! I sure do know EXACTLY what you're talking about! Thanks for the reminder all over again! Absolutely amazing time. So precious to me Jes Jes, Love you! xox