Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I have just finished reading the latest issue of Madason Magazine and was very pleased, the best issue in awhile. Maybe it was just the timing, i haven't felt all that happy lately and this months issue was all about being happy. So i have decided to just be happy!, maybe being happy is a choice. i need to focus on the things that make me smile and let go of all the stuff that makes me sad. To help me remember this i am going to share with you all something that makes me happy for every day over the next week. welcome to happy week!


  1. Oh Jes! I'm so glad I came across this today! I too have been feeling a bit down lately. A bit like 'cabin fever' and very much over everything here! Thanks for reminding me to 'just be happy'! Looking forward to your week of happiness xx

  2. what a rad idea! sometimes i need to remind myself to actively look for the blessings in my day... love reading all your happy thoughts! p.s - i totally did not know that you had a blog! this is super cool xx