Thursday, October 28, 2010

What a day!...

I have had a terrible day! my students have gone completely mad. M did
a 'goona' (poo) in the back yard and one of the other kids stepped in
it. And one of my other kids W bit one of the other kids because he
called him a 'salty plum' (big deal!) and then told me to f*** off and
told me that I was a mother F***** and ran home, so then I had to
chase him all the way to his house and drag him back to school! FAR

Who would have thought that such a cute little face could be so crazy!

(names has been kept confidential)


  1. Oh, another day at K. Sounds SO familiar! Keep smiling. It's amazing how that makes a difference!

  2. hahah! oh no... not a goona!! the joys of teaching :) hope this week is better for you xxx