Monday, February 15, 2010


I watched the movie 'The Rabbit Proof Fence' yesterday, its a movie that i have watched before but it never impacted me like it did yesterday. In the film (and for real between1869 and 1969) the government took the children away from their family thinking that they were helping the Aboriginal people. How wrong they got it! It made me think about what i was doing here, what is my goal for these children. Am i really doing what is best for them or am i just like the government was back then... THINKING i am doing what is best for them.

Most of these children are going to go back to their communities and wont go to uni and become doctors. Most of these children just need to be loved. I feel like i am the one that is here to learn more than they are.

The weekend was full of more outback adventure, travelling out bush in search of water to swim in. Its so funny listening to the kids talk about the bush with such passion. Telling me all about bush tucker, oh how they love Goanna! I also hear that Honey ants are yum!
till next time xxx

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