Monday, February 8, 2010

In the beginning.....

Well hello and welcome to my first blog from the desert. Time is flying and I cant believe I have been here for three weeks already. The desert is hot and dry and full of wild life. The first week was rather overwhelming, being away from all my friends and family and only really having Ben, at least I have him I guess. I’m slowly getting used to all the bugs and flies that constantly fly/ jump around. I even have a few frogs that live in the shower and seem to enjoy watching me scream and fly out of the shower as they jump on me. I often think to myself, WHAT AM I DOING??? But it is week three and I’m still here.

The kids are so cute and I know it will be them that keep me here. My class is by far the best! They are the cutest little things and love being at school. The older children are just as adorable but also often make you question why you are here. They just enjoy pushing your bottoms and this week they have been testing how far they can push their teachers. So thank goodness I don’t have to deal with that in my class. My little angels just do whatever I tell them (so far anyway).

Yesterday was my first ‘going bush’ experience and what an experience that was. We took 30 kids to a little creek for the afternoon. Ben and I were following the two buses in our car and as soon as the bus stopped the children all came running out, I had no idea what was going on! Then I saw a Goanna! The kids chased it around, throwing rocks and sticks at it and then even chased it into the water. Finally after about 15mins one of the boys got it by the tail and began to drag it out of the water. They all continued to throw rocks at it. Some of the older boys were yelling out to leave it alone and not kill it. I just wanted them to ether kill it or leave it and not keep torturing the poor thing. Finally the kids let it go, so maybe next time I will experience the killing and eating of a goanna, apparently it tastes just like chicken!

I’m so far out of my comfort zone, the closest real shop is 8hrs drive away. We drive about half an hr into Meekuthara to do out grocery shopping once a week and that’s the only shop I see. I think this experience is going to make me a lot less materialistic and learn more about what really matters in life.

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  1. You're doing a good job Jes! Not to worry, the shopping cravings eventually go away and the relationships, friendships and the 'change' that you've contributed to in peoples' lives is far more worth it than a handbag! Shopping becomes a treat for your hard (and good) work :)