Thursday, March 19, 2009

New Beginnings...

I'm currently having a bit of a spring clean of my life although its not spring. Last night i went through all my 'friends' on facebook and deleted all the ones that i wouldn't actually talk to if i saw them down the street. I am still a Facebook fan, dont get me wrong but i love it because it helps me keep in contact with family and friends that i dont get to see as much as i would like and i enjoy shareing photos with my real friends not just people i know but maybe have never really spoken to. I also have what i call a LOVE wall, on there i have stuck all the things i love, photos of friends and family, clippings of clothes fabrics and flowers. so today i have started with a clean slate, im interested to see if it will change.
So here is to new bigginings....

love xoxo

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